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Collaboration with Kommissar Hjuler's BREAD CAT
OFFENES ATELIER | Postgasse 6 | A-9500 Villach/Austria
Jan 14 — Feb 2, 2012

With artists from Europe, Brazil, Iran and USA: Barbara Rapp (Velden/A), Alexandra Bolzer, Clemens Stecher (Wien/A), Mama Baer & Kommissar Hjuler, Maks Dannecker, Knut Kargel, KO-OP Paolo Moretto & Peter Kastner, C. Mank, Cornelius P. Rinne, Mona Schwenker, Litsa Spathi, Francis Tucker, Michael Weber, Natalia E. Woytasik (Italy), Dominik Stahlberg (Italy), Cody Brant, Keith A. Buchholz, Christine Tarantino, (USA), Behnaz Houshmandi (Iran), and others

Bread Cat versus Votze Cat - the two art figures created by Commissioner Hjuler (Flensburg/D) with different levels of cultural development and intellect get into a conflict similar to a state of war. Within the framework of an internationally realized collaboration, this fictitious dispute is processed by artists of different origins (Europe, Brazil, Iran, USA) by means of implementing the figures in photographic works, painting, objects, performance and video. From partly completely different associations to and reactions to the bread cat, individually relevant aspects are taken up by the project participants and placed in the context of social or cultural fields of tension. more

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Brotkatze | Dominik Stahlberg, 2012