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Gallery Infantellina Contemporary | Berlin | Taubenstr. 20 | June 18 - July 15, 2010
Participant artists: Vincenzo Baldini, Davide Battaglia, Massimo D'Amico,
Francesco Mestria, Max Mondini, Agatino Raciti, Rosario Salerno, Morgan Soli,
and special-guests: Willi Bambach, Ivor Sias, Dominik Stahlberg.

Boys, Boys, Boys - PosterThe exhibition “Boys, Boys, Boys” is a follow-up of the previous exhibition “Girls, Girls, Girls” both having as a combined and shared theme, the sexes.

“Boys, Boys, Boys” does not envisage to show the historical development of men, but rather explore the question of what men expect of themselves and what they aspire to.

Throughout time immemorial humanity has created cliches. In the media the image of the EGO and of the SELF is preached which reflects and determines the individual behaviour of its recipients.

We do not in this instance refer to men like Caravaggio, Thomas Mann, Wilhelm von Gloeden or other well-known and famous men from the past, but men of NOW, in present-day society: men who do not have to conceal themselves in the closet, we’re speaking of men who show and reveal their feelings with pride in public. Proud to be heterosexual, proud to be homosexual and proud to be bisexual. In this exhibition we present a selection of artists who through their artistic output attract attention to their views and opinions and life-style.

 There are for instance the pale and wan drag-queens of Vicenzo Baldini, who illuminate the shadows of the night.
 The hyper-real personalities of Davide Battaglia, alert protagonists who present the inner values of our society.
 The chaotic world of Massimo D’Amico, where the characters are shown in a no-holds-barred environment. The cages of Francesco Mestria, who shed light into the intimate perversions of ordinary men and women.
 The giants of Max Mondini (a performance artist), produced out of foam, which reflects decline as if gobbled-up by time, thus revealing the frailty of humanity and life in all its F.A.C.ets.
 The Pompeian colors of Agatino Raciti, who shows the muscles of his figures providing them with extreme strength and power.
 The sculpures of Rosario Salerno, whose figures reveal their attributes.
 The lonely boxer of Morgan Soli, presented as a powerful enigmatic loner, whose desolation in the F.A.C.e of its all-pervasive strength becomes visible looking into his eyes.
 The thrones of Willi Bambach whose uninhibited phallus and vagina sets a highlight and thereby symbolising these as the gift for humanity’s experiences of lust and pleasure, acting as compensation in creating an awareness of its own transience.
 The unconventional brazen and cheeky sculptures of Dominik Stahlberg, who through his work fight against a narrow-minded and inhibited consciousness, and living in Tuscany since many years.