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BORIS LURIE | NO!art of the 1960's

Spazio SUC, at 1° Floor | Piazza delle Murate | Florence - Italy
June 8 - July 31, 2012

Dominik Stahlberg vor einem Werk von Boris Lurie
Dominik Stahlberg in front of a work by Boris Lurie

Now you can forget all your old ideas. What a show, what a catering, what a nice team, such beautiful women! Boris Lurie, an elite exhibition. He would have not like it. Photographing and video recording is strictly prohibited! Lurie as an angel of peace, as a world savior. Lurie as a resistance against all evil in the world.  Dr. Campanovo, a co-director of the  Boris Lurie Art Foundation (BLAF), orated with a "wonderful" text. A very serious man with a very more serious face. A banker, a shark. He donated 15,000 Euros in the name of BLAF to the Kennedy Center, without a smile ... cool type. Boris would have loved him ... The curator, praised as the same. Too bad that no one of them has ever met Boris ... The catalog, a single bad NO NO NO NO! The only good man at the opening was  Paolo Baratella, invited and flown in from northern Italy. He told of his meeting with Boris in the 60s in his studio. He wondered why he was invited, there should be people who would know much more better Boris. Yes, that surprised us too! That was the first show, according to curator of  works by Boris in Europe (WTF!) — We, the NO!artists have to organize us now! The BLAF is trying now to re-write the story of us and of Boris. The BLAF tries to destroy us! I drove back home with bad energy, so bad that the engine of my car broke down ... For this too .. thanks again BLAF! Dominik Stahlberg - NO!artist


Paolo Baratella vor einem Werk von LurieDr. Campanovo in der Ausstellung
Paolo Baratella look at a Lurie work + Dr. Campanovo in the show

Boris Lurie: Immigrant's BoxDas Buffet
Boris Lurie: Immigrant's Box + The Buffet