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Ubon Ratchathani/Thailand | July 1–31, 2008

CONCEPT: My sculpture shows a powerful column which is based on 4 platforms. The 4 platforms are standing for the 4 elements of our world. They are absolutely necessary, without clear air, water earth we don’t have a future , nobody of us in the end…. We work only with the fire, but this is not enough.. the sculpture works like a saving umbrella. With the time the external forms of the things and society surround us are changing. Things which protected us are changing and a lot of our well-known forms are disappearing but the inner essence, the internal truthare changing and a lot of our well-known forms are disapearing will find new forms, sometimes based on old ones, but almost there are a lot of new ones. My sculpture tries to show the protecting umbrella of the 21 century, the forms are clearer and purer, but the truth doesn’t change. This destination have to pass through our religions, from the east to the west, from the north to the south. Wisdom is not changing, but we have to find their new forms.


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